Thursday, 23 January 2014

Superman torso change

Ok after some feedback and a bit of re-evaluating I decided to try out some new Torso details to make it look less busy. I'm kinda thinking of something along these lines?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Comicon comp update!

I have been working on a concept sculpt of the suit to try and block in details and get some ideas. Here is where I am at so far... I think I am happy with the general broad shapes, I might posssibly change some details when I build it properly. I also want to try and add a lot more details also. I'm hoping to start building the suit properly next week, I should be able to implement any cool feedback by then. Heres hoping :-)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Comicon entry wip

I have started sculpting the body... here is a wip shot... I haven't even touched the hands yet...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Comicon post

I posted over in my comicon thread... I have started designing supermans suit!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Venger Speed sculpt

Here is a quick speed sculpt of Venger... Now I need to get working on my comicon entry :-)

Comicon 2014

I thought I would start the new year off with entering the comicon competition over at gameartisans. You can check it out the breif here 

I have decided to create Superman, here is my back story for the project and a ref board of images that I have collected that kind of shows the direction of where I would like to take it...


The year is 2156. Superman hasn't been seen for over a 124 years. The majority of earth is under lex corps control. Earths climate has changed dramatically since Lex attempted to harvest the suns energy years ago. The sun has been deteriorating  ever since which continues to weaken supermans powers. Along with this Lex Luther figured a way to infuse his cybernetic body with kryptonite and that of all his robot soldiers and military machines. Superman was unable to stand against Lex Luther and his forces and was almost killed. He used the last of his energy to escape to the Fortress of Solitude. Which is where he has been ever since, he was only able to observe from there…

Years passed and superman grew weaker and weaker, unable to fly and losing most of his superhuman abilities. He was helpless… there was nothing he could do…it seemed all was lost…

… Time went on and Superman spent most of his time searching through the databanks of his crystals. Learning things about Krypton that he never new, things about their culture and technology. He learned of the different armours and suits that were built for the warriors. He learnt about their science... All this information sparked him to attempt to start experimenting with advanced crystalline technology.
Years passed and finally… he made a breakthrough! 

He had figured out how to create a substance that would completely mirror the effects that a yellow sun would have on Kryptonians and it also protected from the effects of kryptonite, although It would only work when in direct contact with the skin. It was then that he knew that he would have to create a new suit and infuse it with this new substance...

...The people of earth oppressed by Lex corp and living in fear, who after years of hearing stories of the once powerful superman and only wishing that a saviour would help them... look up to the sky as a figure descends with a red cape blowing in the wind. Could this be true, who and what was this? The more he descends the more people gather… until 2 Lex corps enforcement robots approach and order “Stop! identify yourself!” Shining the lights on the figure everyone notices a glow forming on the figure, starting from his limbs and leading to his chest… suddenly a symbol is formed and within… the letter S!

The figure disappears in a flash… people gasp and then suddenly the sound of very loud crunching metal and 2 explosions fill the area… The robots fall to the ground!  

From the wreckage a figure ascends…

Superman is back!